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You are already a coach, a leader, an entrepreneur, and let’s not forget BADASS.

Now it’s time for you to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, and IMPACT your audience every time you “Take the Stage!”

let's level up

You are ready to command and establish a captivating stage presence that WOWs your audience every time! Level-up your skills and expertise as a powerful and influential Leader, Presenter, & Keynote Speaker! 

When you become a Center Stage CEO, you will not only enhance your leadership skills, but also boost your stage presence to:  

▸ CAPTIVATE an audience with confidence and dynamic stage presence as a strong keynote speaker 

▸ CRAFT & DEVELOP your speech in a way that speaks to everyone in the audience while connecting to their subconscious minds 

▸ LEARN TO SELL on stage while finding your voice utilizing NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

This is YOUR SIGN. 

Ready to step up your game as a high-level leader and learn how to make the                                                   

world your stage?

Become a Rainmaker Speaker and ADVANCE as a Leader with the most valuable skills you’ll ever need! 


Claim your spot in this exclusive 4-day intensive workshop where you’ll walk away fully prepared to confidently take the stage and speak at ANY event! 

Don’t just take the stage, OWN the stage with new skills and confidence! 

After completing this workshop, you’ll be able to:

Create and Design a Signature Speech with a Clear Structure and Purpose

Add New Business Revenue By Becoming a Guest or Keynote Speaker

Expand Your Marketing with Speaking: Podcast Interviews, Masterclasses, Trainings, Live Events, etc.

Learn to Make Fast Connections with an Audience

▸ Continuously Sharpen Your Speaker Skills and Presence After the Workshop 

consists of FIVE Key Speaker Training Elements that are combined to complete your transformation as a powerful Rainmaker Speaker!

Take the Stage


The world is CALLING: It needs more FEMALE SPEAKERS because the world of public speaking is currently male-dominated! 

Empower yourself with the skills and preparation to take the stage CONFIDENTLY and SUCCESSFULLY because YOU CAN!
▸ Show Up As the Badass Leader You Are
▸ The Art of Powerful Presentations 
▸ Build a Valuable Skill For Your Business
▸ The 10% Rule
▸ Name it, CLAIM it! 
▸ Why not you?

Are you ready to OWN THE STAGE and finally feel like you belong there?! 

Speaker’s Mindset


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the language of the mind using the conscious and the subconscious mind to create the reality your clients desire!

Speak to your audience and to their SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS to truly connect on a much deeper level using NLP! 
▸ Using Communication Models
▸ Hakalau a.k.a. The Learning State
▸ Speak to the Subconscious Mind
▸ How to Effectively Be At Cause
▸ NLP & the Milton Model
▸ The Importance of Metaphors & Connections
▸ Elements of Rapport 
▸ Anchoring Techniques 

Unlike most workshops, Take the Stage is UNIQUE and features exclusive NLP lessons and techniques! Are you ready to discover how NLP will elevate your speech and take it to the next level?!

NLP in Speaking


Capture and KEEP your audience’s attention with your powerful speech! 

Master the skills needed to plan and outline the best presentation that will work every time you prepare to take the stage! 
▸ Crafting your Signature Speech
▸ 4mat Presentations
▸ Hero’s Journey
▸ The Art of Storytelling
▸ Training Blocks

How empowering will it feel to have an engaged audience listening to your every word from the MINUTE you walk on STAGE?! 

Crafting Your Signature Speech


Grab your audience’s attention with your presence as soon as you step on stage! 

Become the ULTIMATE speaker on any stage: podcasts, live trainings, coaching, keynotes & more.
▸ Cylinders
▸ Vocal Range on Stage
▸ Satire and Compelling Statements
▸ Develop Charisma Patterns
▸ Stage Anchoring
▸ The Power of Vulnerability
▸ Selling on Stage with Charisma
▸ Master Stage Confidence

How valuable will it be for your business to INVEST in an impactful skill that you will use for YEARS TO COME?!

The Art of Speaking
& Stage Presence


Step up, show up, and just let your words just sing on stage! 

Expand your speaking skills to transform yourself into a powerful keynote speaker, podcast host/guest, author or Tedx Speaker making waves while making it RAIN inside your business! 
▸ Open Doors to New Business Speaking Opportunities 
▸ Use Speaking to Grow Your Business
▸ Virtual Gig Mastery
▸ Creating Income From The Art of Speaking
▸ How to Pitch Yourself
▸ Price Your Services with Contracts & Negotiations
▸ Networking + Referrals

How valuable would it be to feel prepared and fearless running your business, connecting with bigger audiences, and getting what YOU WANT?!

Business of Speaking

I'm Paige



After I received my NLP coaching certification in 2019, I witnessed a transformation in every area of my life. My finances, my business...even my own self-worth. I went from being in $50,000+ of credit card debt to $45k CASH income months!

As a Business Owner and Entrepreneur, public speaking is a huge element of my business and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it! 

That’s why I wanted to create a workshop that incorporates specific lessons and training around this combined with unique NLP practices to support other business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs too! 

Because it’s not just about making money or building an empire — it’s still about creating your RICH life and that includes all the skills that help you BUILD IT!

Oct 5-8th

Step into your role as Rainmaker Speaker and expand the possibilities for your business now!


Save the date: October 5-8th LIVE on Zoom!

Upcoming Trainings

Take the Stage is open to everyone from beginners to senior leaders! No experience or previous certifications are necessary to enroll in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

Lemme break it down for you. 

This training is a 4-day virtual intensive workshop that’s jam-packed with everything you need to feel completely unstoppable on stage!

▸ 4-Day Virtual Intensive Speaker Training
▸ Embodying the Identity of a Speaker
▸ Speech Writing Strategy & Purpose
▸ Mastering NLP in your Speech
▸ How to Command a Presence on Stage
▸ The Art of Speaking: Exercises & Real-time Practice

▸ On-Demand NLP Training & Speaking Resources
▸ Lifetime Access to All Training Materials

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We will be going live via zoom on October 5-8th 


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 Where can I watch the training?

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The training will be on zoom! You will receive all the details in your confirmation email after your enroll

ABSOLUTELY!! This training is going to give you the skillset, knowledge and confidence to step into your speaker energy and begin your speaking business. 

I am brand new - is this for me?

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ABSOLUTELY! As a coach and entrepreneur learning how to become a trained speaker and presenter will only enhance your coaching business and also open up new income opportunities for you as well!

I am a coach - will this help me grow my coaching business?

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There are no pre-reqs for this workshop. We will cover NLP in one full day. If you’ve completed The RICH Method Coaching Certification (or any other accredited NLP certification) this is the perfect opportunity for you to sharpen your existing NLP skills and put your knowledge to the test! 

Are there prerequisites for this training?

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Hell yeah. You can see the different payment options when you book your spot. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

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It’s time to step into your power. 
The Universe has got your back. 

Be the woman who confidently leads her coaching empire with magnetic, boss bitch energy. 

Be the woman who creates more wealth than she ever thought was possible. 

Be the woman who commands a presence with her unforgettable message making an even deeper impact on her audience with every word.