You are already a Master Coach.

Let’s make you a CEO RAINMAKER!

The time is NOW. You are ready to make it official and become the true badass CEO you were born to be! Strengthen your leadership on a deeper level and become a world class Leader, Presenter & Speaker!


UNLEASH the powerful Leader within you activating your true authority

When you become a CEO Rainmaker, you will not only enhance your Master Coach skills, but also advance your CEO mentality to: 

CAPTIVATE an audience with confidence and dynamic stage presence as a strong keynote speaker 

CRAFT & DEVELOP your own certification & business strategies using methods that align best with YOU

RUN your business as a TRUE CEO from growing and developing a team to setting up tech automations to make your role easier

SURROUND yourselves with a community of other RAINMAKERS crushing it like YOU

TAP INTO your NLP training to continue to coach and train your clients & team while running your successful business

 And make it rain for years to come?! 

Ready to step into your power as CEO

Set yourself up for success by building an ever-lasting business foundation so good that you make being a CEO look EASY!

Become a certified CEO Rainmaker and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

✔ Design Your Own Custom Certification Programs
✔ Create New Revenue Streams For Your Business
✔ Expand Your Business Offers
✔ Train Others in NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Success & Life Coaching and EFT
✔ Work as a Trainer For Other Certification Companies

Expand your horizons as you begin to lead as an impactful CEO! Combine this certification with The RICH Method Coach and Master Coach certifications so you can:

Activate your leadership skills and tap into your                         as a certified CEO Rainmaker!

true potential

Step into your leadership on a deeper level with power and confidence while making an impact to live your RICH life!  

✔ Intuitive and Mindful Leadership Skills
✔ The Art of Powerful Presentations 
✔ Master Influencer Skills
✔ Leading with Intuition and Alignment
✔ Learning and Training Style Techniques
✔ Leadership Application in Your Coaching Business and Personal Life

Are you ready to claim your leadership, and go bigger

Wayyy bigger?!

Immerse yourself into a deeply transformational leadership experience that aligns with your                                                     

heart, mind, and soul.

Learn how to make the world your stage!


✔ Find Your Voice on Stage
✔ Empower and Make Compelling Statements
✔ Captivate ANY Audience
✔ Grow the Audience Within Your Programs
✔ Continue and Master Stage Confidence 
✔ Selling on Stage with Charisma

How valuable will it be for you to feel                              during any speaking engagement you participate in?!

Become the ULTIMATE speaker on any stage: live training videos, group coaching, keynotes & more.

Run the SHOW as CEO!

Watch yourself transform into a powerful CEO with massive results, massive impact while making massive STACKS!

LIVE CEO Certification Coaching Calls, on-demand training videos, Business Coaching & Strategy, keynotes & more.

✔ Lead and Thrive By Example
✔ Build and Grow Your Empire
✔ Design and Map Your Business Strategies 
✔ Stay Connected Using Top Social Media Marketing Strategies
✔ Build an Aligned Business with Clarity 

fiercely successful

How valuable would it be to feel fully prepared and supported leading your team and running your                                                    business?!

I'm Paige



After I received my NLP coaching certification in 2019, I witnessed a transformation in every area of my life. My finances, my business...even my own self-worth. I went from being in $50,000+ of credit card debt to $45k CASH income months!

That’s why I wanted to create a certification that incorporates deep, subconscious healing by combining money mindset work and NLP practices. 

Because it’s not just about making money or building an empire — it’s about creating your RICH life.

For you to expand your coaching business, it’s time to step into your role as a CEO


Taking all of the information your brain downloaded during your RICH Method Coach & Master Coach training and upgrading TF out of it so it all comes together. We call that the sweet spot.  

Because here’s the thing, you are already a Master Coach so take the FINAL STEP and complete all of your certifications inside the RICH Method to continue BUILDING your RICH life! 

If you’re looking to master your training craft, create your own certification, and step into your confidence as a Leader while increasing your prices all at the same time

this certification is the only way to have it all. 

So why 

 become a CEO RAINMAKER? 

5 INEA accredited coaching certifications

an INEA board-certified and accredited coaching program

Trainer of NLP

A.k.a. the 24k gold standard certification of the online coaching industry. You’ll integrate all of the practitioner-level tools of NLP to learn how to effectively support your clients through their own transformation. 

Trainer of EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “tapping.” By accessing the same points used in the acupuncture modality, you’ll release subconscious traumatic stress, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions

Trainer of
Time Techniques

Say goodbye to the negative emotions of your past with this proven modality. You’ll help your clients get to the root cause of their limiting beliefs and find true freedom as they release it

Trainer of

We’ll speak directly to your client’s subconscious mind and offer powerful, life-changing suggestions that can be incorporated into their daily lives while awake. 

Trainer of
success & Life Coaching

You’ll learn how to get intimate with your client’s deepest desires and discover exactly how to bring them to fruition. The possibilities for their success are truly infinite, and you’ll serve as their guide during their journey.

Here’s what you’ll become a certified Trainer in:


training dates


RAINMAKER CEO Certification is our most extensive training program and offered only once per year!

Our next CEO Certification begins:
August 2022 - January 2023

apply today!

Lemme break it down for you. 

The RAINMAKER CEO Certification is a 5-month virtual speaker & trainer program!

Want the 411?

5 month

certification training program

30 States

for speakers & trainers installed


LIVE CEO Certification Coaching Calls


on-demand business & coach trainings


access to all RICH Method training materials

What’s included:

with your RICH Method Trainers Certification manual to get you started on your transformational journey

You also get:

To The RICH Method Trainers Training, Master Coach & RICH Method Coach Portals

5 INEA accredited Trainer Certifications

A signature RAINMAKER Sweatshirt!


welcome package

5 certifications

exclusive access

exclusive swag

Enroll now



Monthly Payment Plans Available!

frequently asked questions

If you’ve already completed your Master NLP certification through another company, please email us at to get started. Once you apply to the R.I.C.H. Method Trainers Certification, we’ll respond to your application in 24 - 48 hours. 
If you’re accepted into the R.I.C.H. Method Trainer Certification program, you’ll get instant access to our online portal. This is where you’ll find your training materials and hundreds of other free resources for you.

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Q: I completed the R.I.C.H. Method Master Coach Certification and am ready to study to become a R.I.C.H. Method Trainer- What do I do next? +

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Q: I’m already a Master NLP-Certified Coach, but would like to become a Trainer of NLP. How can I apply? -

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It’s time to step into your power. 

The universe has got your back. 

Be the woman who confidently leads her coaching empire with magnetic, boss bitch energy. 

Be the woman who creates more wealth than she ever thought was possible. 

Be the woman who trains and certifies other world class coaches making an even deeper impact on the world.