You already know how to coach. 

Let’s make you a MASTER.

I know you feel ready to take your practice to the next level, become a world-class coach, and embrace your VIP energy. Let me show you how it’s done. 

Master Coach

When you become a R.I.C.H. Method Master Coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner, you’ll upgrade your coaching skills so you can: 

▸ Facilitate all-day NLP-certified breakthrough sessions and start charging $5k or more per session

▸ Learn the training tools create an agency for corporate consulting and work with companies on leadership and development trainings

▸ Become a master coach and set the foundation for your million-dollar coaching empire

▸ Create a consistent, VIP level experience that your clients can’t stop raving about

Increase your prices and work with more soul-aligned clients

▸  Apply master-level quantum healing modalities like Reiki, Hypnosis, and TIME Techniques + more during your coaching sessions

Much bigger.

 You’ve served some clients. You’ve probably even hit some of your income goals so far.

But what if you went bigger? 

And here’s the thing…I know you’ve probably been coaching for a while.

The RAINMAKER Breakthrough Day

I know you’ve been wondering what’s next for you and your coaching business, and I’m about to let you in on the missing piece in your current offer suite: 

a.k.a. your ticket to charging $5k per session

hell yes please

Not only that, but we’ll add some zeros to the end of your bank balance, too. 

 as you get to the root of their limiting beliefs and help them get to the other side. 


Once you’re a certified Master NLP Practitioner and R.I.C.H. Method Master Coach, you’ll be certified to facilitate our signature eight-hour, all-day intensive for your clients. 

In the past, RAINMAKER Breakthrough Day clients have experienced transformation in a matter of hours, not months, and have 10X their impact after a single session. 

So how TF does it work?

Breakthrough Experience


It was such a safe space for me to be vulnerable, learn & grow!

I really enjoyed the schedule and process. It allowed me to take what I was learning and applying it directly into my business each week as we learned and mastered each skill. The sisterhood created in the program was unreal, I made incredible friends and it was such a safe space for me to be vulnerable and learn and grow.

I gained confidence in my ability to use practitioner level skills as I became a master at them. I learned how to implement the tools "on the fly" and use them in my coaching sessions. I now have new revenue streams being added to my business thanks to what I learned!

-Brooklyn Jolley

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I loved the mix of spritual and practical. I got SO much from this program. It really took my money mindset to the next level. 

I enrolled in the program to work on my money mindset. I have taken other money programs in the past however this is the most indepth program I have ever done. This program was AMAZING. The content is unreal and the group coaching was exactly what I needed. My relationship to money has completely changed since the beginning of this program. I feel like I have broken through barriers that were holding me back to going to the next level with my income. 


This program delivers results like no other program I've been in.

My experience in the Certification was more than I can ever express. It was exceptional, powerful and life changing. I decided to enroll in the Certification because I wanted to move past my imposter syndrome and uplevel my business, and just during the first week of training I was able to work though those mindset blocks truly understand how I could take my business to the next level. After the gradutating, I've launched a podcast and built a course! I've manifested around 10k and still counting! 



"Going through the RICH Method Coaching program was life changing. The energy was uplifting and the women in the program are now life long friends. Learning the tools and modalities in this program has elevated me in ways I didn't imagine and has made a much better coach. I'm so grateful I signed up when I did and had this opportunity to invest in myself and to raise my vibration."


Working with Paige has helped me level up my life and my career.

I received many breakthroughs throughout my VIP day with Paige! We went deep! I am so incredible grateful for the experience. I shed the belief of not being capable enough. Things I thought I had already worked on came up again. I decided I'm done playing small. I dug deep around people-pleasing behavior and procrastination and got to the ROOT. If you're going back and forth on making the investment for yourself... do it. Don't wait anymore love. 


NLP and coach training is blowing my fucking mind!

It's so interesting how you can move through a negative state or emotion you've held on to for YEARS in just MINTES! The subconscious mind is so fucking powerful! I am just in awe. Paige has been so amazing holding space for us to learn and share! If you've wanted to learn NLP or take coaches training, check this Bad Bitch out! All in all I'm so grateful I have invested the time and energy. This offers so many more possibilities for supporting change and growth for my clients and students. 


I learned new ways to manage my time and my business productively and resourcefully. 

I enrolled in the Certification because I was looking for a group of like minded supportive women to help me with my momentum in my business. During my time in the Certification, I had so much fun! The energy was infectious and will carry through so much of my business! After going through the certification, I have so much more confidence from all the new knowledge I've gained! 


Our VIP Breakthrough Days consist of:

✔ A deeply transformative experience for your clients that is on a whole other level than your previous practice

Unearthing the areas in their life and business that require letting or taking action

Subconscious assessment and judgment-free questioning as you help your clients tap into the root of their struggles

Integrated coaching modalities that will introduce rich layers in your client’s internal programming and prepare them for an awakening

✔ Unlocking the vision they hold for their rich life and paving the path forward to bring it to life

In the rich method coaching certification you only learn 1/4 of the body of nlp. 

As a master coach you'll learn the full body of nlp

Learn to curate a deeply transformational experience that aligns with your client’s                                                   

heart, mind, and soul.


You’ll set aside an entire day that’s fully dedicated to your client and make them feel like a queen for a day. 


You’ll walk your client through the step by step process of the RAINMAKER Breakthrough Day to coach your clients through some of their biggest limiting beliefs.


You’ll leave your clients feeling inspired to take action and achieve their income goals with confidence and ease. 

Our signature RAINMAKER Breakthrough Days are

unlike anything your clients have ever experienced.


At the Master Coach level you learn the tools and techniques needed to create your own agency:

✔ Create a leadership & development program to enhance employee performance
High level managerial leadership & coach training
✔ Personalized employee assessment to facilitate better communication and motivation
✔ Effective Team Management
✔ Increase companies sales + revenue
This is a great opportunity to add additional streams of revenue into your business and expand your coaching skills beyond your private clients.

Create a Corporate Consulting Agency!

Do you desire to work with businesses and corporations as the go–to team leadership and development training company?

I'm Paige



After I received my NLP coaching certification in 2019, I witnessed a transformation in every area of my life. My finances, my business...even my own self-worth. I went from being in $50,000+ of credit card debt to $45k CASH income months!

That’s why I wanted to create a certification that incorporates deep, subconscious healing by combining money mindset work and NLP practices. 

Because it’s not just about making money or building an empire — it’s about creating your RICH life.

For you to expand your coaching business, it’s no longer about being good enough: it’s about 

You want that, don’t you? If you’re nodding your head yes, it’s time to own it, honey. 


Taking all of the information your brain downloaded during your practitioner training and upgrading TF out of it so it all comes together. We call that the sweet spot. 

Because here’s the thing, you can be a Master NLP-certified coach who creates massive results for your clients while finally passing the six, multiple-six, or seven-figure revenue mark.

If you’re looking to master your coaching craft, create deeper and richer transformations for your clients, and increase your prices all at the same time

our Master NLP Certification is the only way to have it all. 

So why 

become a R.I.C.H. Method Master Coach? 

7 INEA accredited coaching certifications

an INEA board-certified and accredited coaching program

The R.I.C.H. Method
master coach

This method, exclusively created by Paige Cole, is designed to strip everything down in your life and business and rebuild a stronger, more spiritually attuned foundation to grow your coaching business.

Master NLP Practitioner
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

You will learn the entire body of NLP content here at the Master training ( practitioner level you learn ¼ of the body of work) If you feel called to provide a white glove experience to your clients, this is the proven way to do it. 

Master Hypnotherapist

We’ll speak directly to your client’s subconscious mind and offer powerful, life-changing suggestions that your client can take on to be their new truth. These learnings can assist with achieving their goals.


You’ll learn how to get intimate with your client’s deepest desires and discover exactly how to bring them to fruition. The possibilities for their success are truly infinite, and you’ll serve as their guide during their journey. 


When you learn this deeply integrated practice, you’ll heal emotions from the past, present, and future, while using your subconscious mind to affect reality on a quantum level.

Master rainmaker

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “tapping.” By accessing the same points used in the acupuncture modality, you’ll learn to write your own scripts for your clients and help them release subconscious stress, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions. 

Master Reiki

You’ll receive the fourth and final Reiki symbol and integrate these teachings into your practice. As a Reiki Master you are able to attune other students in Reiki as well!

training dates


Master Coach

Fall 2022: September 6th - January 14th 2023
In-person in Austin, TX: January 9th-14th 2023

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Want the 411?
Lemme break it down for you. 

The R.I.C.H. Method Master Coaching Certification is a 5-month program virtual certification program, complete with weekly virtual trainings and a six-day in-person training at the end of the program.

During the LIVE training portion, you’ll receive coaching live with Paige Cole and your training class! During two of these days, you’ll also facilitate & receive our signature Rainmaker Breakthrough Days process. 

Throughout our time together, you’ll also receive 16+ LIVE hands-on training calls, self-paced curriculum, pre-study modules, and homework assignments. 

What’s included:
 5 months of R.I.C.H. Method Master Training
✔ 6 day live in-person training event (virtual options available)
✔ 16+ extensive LIVE coaching calls 
✔ 85+ on-demand trainings
✔ Lifetime access to all training materials

With your RICH Method Certification manual to get you started on your transformational journey

You also get:

Exclusive, members-only access to our private Facebook community to ask questions, make connections, and accelerate your results

7 Master INEA accredited coaching certifications to flaunt and uplevel your coaching business

A signature RAINMAKER Sweatshirt!


welcome package

7 certifications

Private FB Group

exclusive swag

Exclusive 6 day in person live training

in person event

frequently asked questions

If you’ve already completed your NLP certification but have not completed a R.I.C.H. Method certification, please email us at to get started. Once you apply to the Master R.I.C.H. Method certification, we’ll respond to your application in 24 - 48 hours. If you’re accepted into the Master R.I.C.H. Method certification program, you’ll get instant access to our online portal. This is where you’ll find your training materials and hundreds of other free resources for you.

Q: Do you only work with coaches? +

Q: I completed the R.I.C.H. Method Certification and am ready to study to become a Master R.I.C.H. Method coach? What do I do next? 

Q: Do I have to be NLP-certified to become a Master R.I.C.H. Method coach? 

Q: I’m already an NLP-certified coach, but would like to become a Master R.I.C.H. Method coach. How can I apply?

Q: How much time should I set aside each week for this certification? 

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

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 Payment Plans Available!

It’s time to step into your power. 

The universe has got your back. 

Be the woman who confidently leads her coaching empire with magnetic, boss bitch energy. 

Be the woman who creates more wealth than she ever thought was possible. 

Be the woman who manifests her rich life and makes it rain in her mother f*ckin’ bank accounts.