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NLP coaching techniques to shift your clients perspective around money?

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I’m not here to just teach you how to coach. 

I’m here to transform you into a certified rAINMAKEr, sales generator & badass coach. 


Three levels of certifications

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Just starting out?
Our signature, board-accredited Money Mindset coaching certification will turn you into a powerful, life-changing coach that gets your clients the results they’re after. 


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Already an NLP practitioner?
As a Master coach, you’ll learn how to facilitate our signature RAINMAKER breakthrough days with your own clients and set the foundation for your million-dollar coaching empire.

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rainmaker ceo certification

Want the ultimate CEO leadership & training certification? 
We’ll transform your coaching expertise into your signature framework, and help you become a more powerful leader, speaker, and teacher.

What is the Rainmaker Institute of Coaching & Healing?

We are a board certified and accredited Coaching & NLP certification company that upholds industry standards with the values of integrity, authenticity and leadership. 

At the Rainmaker Institute of Coaching & Healing, you’ll be transformed into a world class coach.You will be trained and certified in multiple coaching and healing modalities, techniques & tools. 

After working with us, you’ll uncover how to help your clients have a life-changing transformation and achieve massive results in their finances, life and business.

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training dates


September 2022

master coach

September 2022

rainmaker ceo 

August -January 2023

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What sets us apart: 

Incorporating money mindset work into your coaching practice and programs will help you heal your client’s deeply rooted limiting beliefs about money on a subconscious level. 

And who might turn you into one rich bitch, too. 

Want to guide your clients to their first 5 figure client contract? Largest cash month? A multi six-figure year? 

It’s totally possible, but here’s the truth: the real work that gets your clients real results is only possible when they look inward and heal their money mindset, first. 

The Money Honey Method™ is a parallel process that combines the spiritual energetics of money as well as tangible strategies & proprietary coaching techniques.

You’ll learn a variety of industry-validated coaching techniques, like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) , subconscious mind work, hypnosis, and more! 

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The RICH Method coaching certifications:

an INEA board-certified and accredited coaching program

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A.k.a. the 24k gold standard certification of the online coaching industry. You’ll integrate all of the practitioner-level tools of NLP to learn how to effectively support your clients through their own transformation. 


We’ll speak directly to your client’s subconscious mind and offer powerful, life-changing suggestions that can be incorporated into their daily lives while awake. 

money honey coach

My signature Money Honey Method™ is a parallel process that combines the spiritual energetics of money as well as tangible strategies & coaching techniques.

TIME Techniques

Say goodbye to the negative emotions of your past with this proven modality. You’ll help your clients get to the root cause of their limiting beliefs and find true freedom as they release it. 

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “tapping.” By accessing the same points used in the acupuncture modality, you’ll release subconscious traumatic stress, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions. 


You’ll learn the art of this ancient Japanese form of energy healing that reduces stress and anxiety and guides the inner state of flow with a gentle touch. 

rich method success coach

This method, exclusively created by Paige Cole, is designed to strip everything down in your life and business and rebuild a stronger, more spiritually attuned foundation.

This isn’t your average coaching certification. 

It’s an immersive, life-changing experience that will leave you feeling strong, supported, and powerful AF. Once you become certified in the RICH method, you’ll tap into your true potential and exude pure RAINMAKER energy. 

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NLP really is life changing

"I'm really most excited to take everything back and implement it into not only my life but also my clients' lives"

Ashley B


"I feel like investing in this certification is the perfect way to better serve my clients and to better myself."

Rebecca S

I wanted to uplevel my life and my communication skills

"I'm most excited to take away all of the healing modalities and techniques that we've learned."

Gracie S

I jumped in headfirst and it's been eyeopening

"I've been able to heal myself through this process as well as being able to help other people. I'm on a healing journey."

Kristen H

I wanted to level up in my business

"My experience has been overwhleming but in a good way. I know that I'm learning the material and learning these techniques on a very deep level."

Stephanie H 

So, you ready to be a certified rainmaker? 

Let me define it for you... 


rain·mak·er /ˈrānˌmākər/ noun

1. A sensual, transformative soul who manifests her RICH life while she’s uncensored on center stage

2. A confident leader whose bad bitch energy stacks cash taller than her six-inch heels

3. An empire builder and legacy leaver

I'm Paige


Master Coach & NLP Certification Trainer, Owner of a Multiple 6 Figure Coaching Empire, and Creator of the RICH Method. 

After I received my NLP coaching certification in 2019, I witnessed a transformation in every area of my life. My finances, my business...even my own self-worth. I went from being in $50,000+ of credit card debt to $45k CASH income months!

That’s why I wanted to create a certification that incorporates deep, subconscious healing by combining money mindset work and NLP practices. 

Because it’s not just about making money or building an empire — it’s about creating your RICH life. 

The best part?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Our RAINMAKER community will be here for you during your journey to becoming a certified NLP Money Coach.

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I feel so magical and confident in my coaching abilities again.

"I took a huge break from coaching for a long time because I wasn't aligned within myself. I have never felt more aligned after this full week of amazing training. Paige, you are so talented, well spoken and supportive to our learning journey. Thank you for holding space, integrating circles of beautiful/motivated/successful women and facilitating such a great training! So proud to be a RICH Method Coach! 


I loved the mix of spritual and practical. I got SO much from this program. It really took my money mindset to the next level. 

I enrolled in the program to work on my money mindset. I have taken other money programs in the past however this is the most indepth program I have ever done. This program was AMAZING. The content is unreal and the group coaching was exactly what I needed. My relationship to money has completely changed since the beginning of this program. I feel like I have broken through barriers that were holding me back to going to the next level with my income. 


This program delivers results like no other program I've been in.

My experience in the Certification was more than I can ever express. It was exceptional, powerful and life changing. I decided to enroll in the Certification because I wanted to move past my imposter syndrome and uplevel my business, and just during the first week of training I was able to work though those mindset blocks truly understand how I could take my business to the next level. After the gradutating, I've launched a podcast and built a course! I've manifested around 10k and still counting! 



"Going through the RICH Method Coaching program was life changing. The energy was uplifting and the women in the program are now life long friends. Learning the tools and modalities in this program has elevated me in ways I didn't imagine and has made a much better coach. I'm so grateful I signed up when I did and had this opportunity to invest in myself and to raise my vibration."


Working with Paige has helped me level up my life and my career.

I received many breakthroughs throughout my VIP day with Paige! We went deep! I am so incredible grateful for the experience. I shed the belief of not being capable enough. Things I thought I had already worked on came up again. I decided I'm done playing small. I dug deep around people-pleasing behavior and procrastination and got to the ROOT. If you're going back and forth on making the investment for yourself... do it. Don't wait anymore love. 


NLP and coach training is blowing my fucking mind!

It's so interesting how you can move through a negative state or emotion you've held on to for YEARS in just MINTES! The subconscious mind is so fucking powerful! I am just in awe. Paige has been so amazing holding space for us to learn and share! If you've wanted to learn NLP or take coaches training, check this Bad Bitch out! All in all I'm so grateful I have invested the time and energy. This offers so many more possibilities for supporting change and growth for my clients and students. 


I learned new ways to manage my time and my business productively and resourcefully. 

I enrolled in the Certification because I was looking for a group of like minded supportive women to help me with my momentum in my business. During my time in the Certification, I had so much fun! The energy was infectious and will carry through so much of my business! After going through the certification, I have so much more confidence from all the new knowledge I've gained! 


You are ready.

Aren't you?

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